Anti-theft gitterbox

Many types of Gitterboxesare available on the market, but they have a lot of problems:

  • Models that can be locked securely are not dismantled and are very expensive to store and return.
  • However, those that can be disassembled can only be temporarily secured to the pallet, they cannot be securely locked.
  • None of them can be built or disassembled around an already loaded pallet

Forwarding Office of Germany has had a studymade on extent of theft against goods transportation.

In the last years we can increasingly be informed from press and internet about thiefs cutting canvas open as for example in a reporton German ARD public service television July 2019

Solution: Pallet guard

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During assembly, all elements close the previous ones, so that at the end you can use onepadlock to lock the goods together with the pallet.

Pallet Guard is the only one that offers all the benefits of Gitterboxes, without any disadvantage.

  • goods can be securely closed with the pallet
  • can be disassembled, 4 Pallet Guards can be stored and transported together for space-saving
  • lightand yet robust, theft-proof
  • can be lifted from every side with a foklift
  • stackable
  • can be built around an already loaded pallet, dismantled, eliminating the need for transhipment