Latticed galvanized storage container / kaloda / gitterbox, which can be disassembled, can be closed together with the pallet and can be mounted on a EUR pallet. Size: 973 x 1330 x 1143 mm (including pallet)

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In case the goods (bags or buckets) are slightly overhang the edge of the pallet, Pallet guard BAU is recommended, which is slightly bigger than the pallet.

  • can be built and dismantled around an already loaded pallet in a minute, making reloading unnecessary
  • the goods together with the pallet can be securely locked with a padlock
  • it can be taken apart, 4 additional pallets can be stored and transported together in a space-saving manner
  • Light, yet robust, theft-proof
  • it can be handled easily from all sides
  • stackable
  • the goods can be removed quickly and easily from the pallet by gradually dismantling the side elements

The pallet and the lock shown in the photos are not part of the Pallet Guard!


Grid storage container / kaloda / gitterbox

Product code:BR
Outer dimensions:973 x 1330 x 1143 mm (including pallet)
Inner dimensions:908 x 1290 x 979
Weight:44.9 kg
Weight of heaviest element:9.1 kg
Volume:1.15 m3
Side elements:grid
Top element:grid
Grid size:150 / 75 - 4.2 mm
Load capacity:1000 kg
Surface treatment:galvanized
Note:The pallet and the lock are not part of the product!